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Bisextuality 101




So, why am I opening up my hook up app experiences with you?



There’s no info out there on how male bisexuals experience dating apps. Openly bisexual men are the least represented group out of team LGBTQ and while over 292k news articles pop-up when you search for "sexting" none of them are focused on how bisexuals sext.



Sexting to men, women and couples gets complicated.


It’s fun to look at dick pics.



SO, How Do Male Bisexuals Sext?








Best Apps: Grindr & Scruff


For men, sexting is more direct. There’s a rush and the experience is almost transactional. You give a bit, they give a bit, we get in quick. Men on hook-up apps are mainly looking for well… hook-ups.


Distance is public. Because sex is more casual amongst these apps, you can view everyone available in your area. You can literally go from sexting to a knock on your door within a few minutes.



Men are more open about what they want and they rarely beat around the bush. You'll normally receive a list of things they are into or not into, ranging from their position at base, milder requests like “Let’s watch porn and jerk off” or wilder interests which can range from water sports to BDSM. 


Titles are important. They give an idea of what you’re looking for. Many times people will change their name to “Looking for Now” to increase their chances of immediate hook-ups.



More abs, less face shots. A good amount on men on these apps are closeted or private. Some are openly gay but don’t want their interests broadcast to everyone, so you tend to get messages from mysterious profiles.


Dick pics are almost expected. On Scruff, you can create albums filled with naughty shots. You can instantly share these albums with anyone, even people you aren’t connected to.


Woofs, Direct Messages, Favorites and Match. On Scruff you can show interest in multiple ways connecting you to potential partners quickly and making it easier to hook up.



Appearances are major in the gay world, but so are tribes. Bear, otter, daddy, twink, muscle, geek, leather, verse, bottom, top, submissive or dom, gays and bisexual men gravitate to specific types of bodies and sexual interests.


Couple Accounts. Once you’re on the app you can partner up. Open relationships are more common amongst bis and gays. Many times you’re talking to couples looking for a little action.


Being bi can be revered or mocked. Gays looking for more masculine types tend to be excited about meeting an openly bi guy. There’s a good amount of questions regarding your interest in women and there have been a few men who’ve never slept with women who may look to you to introduce them to some.



BB or bareback is sometimes requested. While there's nothing wrong with playing without protection when with a trusted partner, it's definitely advised against if you're gonna be playing the random hook up game.


PnP is also more present than it should be. It stands for Party and Play and normally refers to using crystal meth while fucking. Also, not suggested. 


HIV status is front and center. Prep, treatment as protection, condoms and the ability to select to connect to those who are positive are all options. Many times people will post the last time they were tested. 




Best App: Tinder or Bumble


Swiping is how you connect. So your lead photo, description and interests are key. Shots of you traveling, with your pet and featuring ¾ clothed body shots perform best.


Attraction is key, but also what makes you worthwhile to pursue.



Women may require a longer investment and while spontaneous hook ups do happen, I always expect more back and forth sexting before kicking the nasty.


Women expect to meet at a neutral place first, either a bar or a restaurant. Getting to know someone and safety is priority.



Sexting is limited to words and photos that are more suggestive. Less nudity, more telling a story and discovering what someone is into. Kinks pop up, but require some conversation before being revealed.



Don’t dick around. While you can send them, I’d strongly advise against unless requested (it’s almost never requested).


Women who I’ve interacted with are more interested in face shots and getting an idea of the type of person you are, less about what you're packing and piercings only God can see.


To bi or lie? When speaking to women there’s always a concern on how much to reveal. Sexuality tends to be more binary, either straight or gay, so bisexuals often find themselves hiding their sexuality until they feel safe to do so.


I personally like to put my bi-hood front and center, as I find it's usually a good way to weed out anyone who'd be pissed I have a boyfriend. 




Best App: Feeld


Couples are the bisexual unicorns and Feeld is ideal for meeting couples and those into group play.


Get to know who you’re talking to. Couples accounts are often run by the male in the couple. If you’re talking to the guy make sure his female companion is in the know. Ask “What are you two into?” and try to get both into the conversation. 



Rejection and ghosting are common on Feeld, especially when you're a male talking to couples. Threesomes are sought, but so are experiences with other couples. Feelings change rapidly when interacting with two people so don't feel bad if one of the partners is down, while the other isn't. 


For men exploring their bisexuality, you want to take things slow. Many are new when it comes to activities with guys. They want to explore, are in relationships with women and are looking for someone who can guide them a bit.


The majority of people on this app are looking to hook up or to fulfill kinks. It's okay to get to the point. Be open about what you're looking for and create a conversation where the couple feels open to share their interests.


There's a higher chance of long term fuck buddies. When a couple finds someone who matches well with both partners, there's a stronger desire to continue the action. 


The Takeaway


For men into men, sex is the focus. Kinks are more open. They will guide the conversation and know what they are looking for. They play a numbers game and even when you’ve confirmed a home visit, another option might come around more enticing. Sexting is impacted by looks, levels of horn and distance.


For men into women, connections are the focus. There’s less conversations about what they are looking for sexually. More flirtations. Women often look for men to guide the conversation and you’ll most likely meet somewhere neutral before hitting the sheets. Sexting must entice the brain, but looking good doesn't hurt either. 


For couples into men, exploring is the focus. They are most likely looking for a one-time experience or to try something new. You’re connecting with two people with different ideas on what’s sexy. Ghosting is common, but when you find a connection, you'll usually be in for many more adventures to come. 


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