The Best Sex Toys For Guys


In this GQ piece from Zachary Zane, you’ll get an overview of 12 of the hottest sex toys available to men right now. Ready to branch out? Get an excerpt below, and the full article here:

“There are plenty of reasons why men don’t dive into using sex toys alone or with their partners: general bashfulness, the hassle of cleaning and sterilization, and the fact that sex toys designed for men often look like deformed alien limbs—not something one wants near their most prized organ. But, above all, there seems to be this prevailing notion of “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Masturbating (and sex) already feels great, so why mess with a good thing? Plus, if you subscribe to the Malcolm Gladwell 10,000-hour theory, many of us are already experts in the field. In terms of pleasure, in terms of harder, stronger, and more life-affirming orgasms, how much room for improvement could there really be?”