All Saynts Day, A Thank You


Jonathan Springer @poptartjon

Hey you sexy fucks,

It's been about two weeks since we took over House of Yes for NSFW's All Saynt's Day and I just cannot express how thankful I am for everyone who came together for this event.

Just wow. 

Within two weeks from deciding we had outgrown the Clubhouse for our yearly fiesta, we had a venue, over a dozen performers, a lineup of DJ's and over 350 New Society members flooding the dance floor for an evening celebrating the wild and free.

For those interested in a bit of history, All Saynt's Day got its start about 10 years ago. After years of not celebrating my birthday due to being raised as a JW, I decided I'd make up for the lost birthday candles by making my day focused on bringing together people of different faiths for a night of sacrilegious celebrations. Each year, ASD has gotten larger, a cumulation which eventually led to our take-over at HOY. 

I wanted to say many thanks to House of Yes for hosting our club for the adventurous.

Also, thank you to all our performers Cinder Petrichor, David Goldberg, Dommenation, Easton Ravenheart Rivers, Evgeniya, Jason Suran, John O’Mahoney, Goddess Lola Jean, Madonna’s Whore, Meshi & Anda, Natasha & Roy, Ruby Hoops, Sarah Elizabeth, Sara & Frank, Shelberina Sue, Sidewinder Zahra, Spin Me Dizzy, The Hive, and Vikerrious.  And thank you many times over to my amazing BF for helping coordinate all of these talented performers. 

For sounds, many thanks to Alexander: Louis, Felipe, Hard Candy, Myk Tummola, Reyn, Havony, Jpatt and NSR for keeping the dance floor bumping (do people still say "bumping" these days?). To our sponsors who continue to support us, thank you to Emojibator, MotorBunny, Extreme Restraints, Dame ProductsBijoux Indiscrets, Chakrubs, Sustain Natural, Max Steiner Design, Object & Dawn, Notorious Pink, and Unbound for all being a major part of our adventures. 

For those who don't know, this year All Saynts Day was set-up to help us fundraise for Consent Con (April 15th). Created to help us all come together consensually we'll be announcing how all can get access to the workshops and panels we plan to host through free live streams we'll be making available. 

Covering the meaning of consent in dating and sex, in kink scenarios, in LGBTQ spaces as well as discussions on how to be better allies, the event will hopefully help spread some practical advice and help further push forward the changes we hope to gain from the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement.

Thank you to everyone again for helping making this event a reality and for your continued support of the New Society for Wellness. 

Always conspiring,

Chief Conspirator



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