8 Things to Know About Kink's New Female CEO


Kink.com recently joined the women in sex tech club with the appointment of Alison Boden to the position of CEO. The tech-focused leader is out to change the game of adult entertainment.

Here are 7 things you need to know about the new Queen of Kink: 


1. Kink's Always Been Lead by Powerful Women

Porn director Ex Libris said, “Kink has always been largely headed by strong female directors and staff… I don’t know if it will change people’s perception that Kink has a female CEO as much as it will that Kink now has a tech-focused CEO.”

2. Kink's Moved from In-House Shoots to Representing Studios

Boden was the architect of the site’s new platform which now houses 30-plus channels, including Butt Machine BoysHogtied, and a VR vertical, all under one subversive roof. “If there is anyone who can reinvent Kink.com for the new Internet which is awash with free content, it is her,” Kink former CEO Acworth said in a statement.


3. She's Never Been in Front of the Camera. 

Unlike Acworth, who starred in early Hogtied films as a masked Peter Rogers, Boden has never worked in front of the camera, preferring to keep her own sex life private.

4. She Tried to Open a Sex Shop in Pittsburg.

Alison told Vice, "A really good friend of mine in college and I just wished and hoped that Pittsburgh could have a sex-positive, women-friendly toy shop and finally when I was a senior in college, we were like, Well, why don’t we just try it ourselves? 

5. When the Shop Didn't Work Out, She Started Hosting Parties.

She started out with presentations around women’s sexual health and then presented some great toys. People just naturally have a ton of questions when you open a box of sex toys in front of them.


6. She Loves Planned Parenthood.

Keeping with her activist and female-first interests, she joined the organization as a volunteer and quickly become obsessed with learning about sexual health and wellness. 

7. She's Big on Security. 

A member of the EFF [Electronic Frontier Foundation], Alison believe that Kink must respect their users’ privacy as much as humanly possible.  She knows there are real consequences in this world for people based on other people finding out what kinds of adult entertainment they enjoy.


8. She's out to make Kink the Netflix of Porn. 

"I think that we have the opportunity as Kink to be the place for fetish and BDSM content regardless of whether we shot it or not. We can definitely highlight new talent and I think in the future we’ll try to provide support to the folks who are making the content not just the folks who are in it."