Abella Danger in Shower Head

Written by Suzannah Weiss  Starring Abella Danger  Inspired by  Shower Head

Written by Suzannah Weiss

Starring Abella Danger

Inspired by Shower Head

I was trying to save up money to pay for off-campus housing, so I took a job cleaning the house of a family near my school.

The friend who connected us never mentioned to them I had no experience cleaning. Nor did she mention to me that Alex, the man of the house, was a complete DILF. I’d occasionally hooked up with guys in school, but this was not a college guy; this was a man. With a tall, built body, an intense golden stare, and a childlike, almost dopey smile, I couldn’t help but imagine what he could do to me as I lay in bed after I got home each night. 

My wildest fantasies got the best of me, and one day, when I knew his wife and kids would be away, I decided to conduct a little experiment. Before heading off to work, I put on my tightest white shorts and tank top, secretly hoping they’d make him curious what was underneath. 

To my disappointment, he sent me to clean up the kitchen without any acknowledgment of what I was — and wasn’t — wearing. I didn’t let that ruin my fun, though. I put on some music and shook my round thing as I did the dishes, hoping that if he passed by, the sight of my ass cheeks peeking out from underneath my tiny shorts would entice him. 

That thought alone made me so horny, I took a break to play with my pussy on one of his kitchen chairs. If he walked in on me, well, then either I’d get fired… or he’d want to join in. Alas, he didn’t, so in one last-ditch effort, I went downstairs to tell him I was wrapping up — unless he didn’t want me to. 

“Hi, Mr. Alex!” I greeted him with a wide grin, propping myself up on the back of the couch where he was sitting and checking his email. “I’m pretty much done for the day.” 

Butterflies filled my stomach as he looked at me with those piercing eyes and asked, “Did you do the upstairs bathroom?”  

I collected myself just enough to smile, “Yes, I did it yesterday.”

“Could you do that again before you leave, please?” he said, peering pack down at his phone. “Thank you.”

“Yes, Mr. Alex.” I wouldn’t let his grumpiness get to me. I beamed down at him before prancing up the stairs. 

The assignment hardly seemed necessary. The room was already spotless. I knew it! He was trying to keep me around. But he was being coy about it, or perhaps he was hesitant to betray his wife. If this was going to happen, I needed to be the instigator. My mind began devising a plan as I scrubbed the mirrors and the floor. I made my way to the shower. 


Standing underneath the shower head, I ever so slightly turned the handle to the left — just enough to soak my entire outfit. My pink nipples were now plain to see for anyone near me, and you could even make out the little pink pussy lips from beneath the white fabric. I didn’t want this lovely sight to go without an audience, so I made a scene, jumping and screaming as if I were some damsel in distress over a little water. Ha. If only he knew how wet I wanted to get later. 

Just as I planned, he ran up the stairs. “What’s going on here?” he asked with a clearly contrived stern look on his face. 

I decided I’d have some fun with him. “Nothing,” I replied. 

“You realize that was the bathroom I wanted you to clean, right?” he asked, a hint of a smile glimmering across his strong jaw. 

“I’m sorry, it was an accident,” I insisted, feigning an attempt to cover up my pussy and nipples. 

A full grin broke out on his face as he aimlessly gestured with his arms, having trouble keeping up the stern-father act. 

“Hand me your clothes,” he demanded. Wow. OK. Now, he was showing his cards. 

But I wasn’t quite ready to show mine yet. I was hoping to get some cash out of this while I was at it, so I kept my cards close to my chest. “What?” I asked. 

“Hand me your clothes,” he repeated. I looked at him with wide eyes as if to ask his permission to undress. He nodded. I pulled up my shirt and handed it to him, revealing my round, plump breasts and pert pink nipples — which, apparently, weren’t enough for him. 

“Those, too. You’re going to ruin the floor,” he said, gesturing toward my shorts as he took the shirt in his hand. The idea that my damp shorts would somehow ruin the floor was ridiculous, but neither of us were under any pretenses anymore.

I pulled down my shorts to reveal a shaved pussy with a small strip of hair above it. 

Now that I was fully bare in front of him, he took some mercy on me and handed me a towel. But we’d come too far for me to cover myself up now. I wanted his big strong hands all over my little wet body. So, as I walked toward him to take the towel, I just happened to slip on the floor and conveniently fall into his arms. 

“I’m so sorry, oh my god,” I mumbled. “I’m so sorry I got you all wet.” I chuckled to myself at the double entendre. 

“You’re gonna help me clean up now,” he replied, pretending to be angry as he unbuttoned his shirt, showing me his muscular chest and tattooed stomach and arms. Nope, he was not hiding his agenda anymore. 

“What? Excuse me? What do you mean?” I made one last feeble attempt to hide mine, even as my eyes lingered below his perfectly toned abs to the bulge growing inside his jeans. 

“I’ll pay you double,” he offered, flashing that alluring yet somehow innocent grin. 


“Double?” I turned away to feign hesitation. “Triple,” I one-upped him. The truth was, I would’ve fucked someone like him for free. But if he was going to pay me, I was going to drain his wallet just as much as I drained his balls. 

Unable to wait any longer, he gave in. “OK, whatever you want,” he said with that adorable smile. 

Goosebumps dotted my skin as he unzipped his pants to reveal a long, thick, shaved cock. “I’ll help you clean up then,” I muttered as my lips reached up to meet his. I threw my towel over my shoulder as he walked me back into the shower. I had a feeling he wouldn’t punish me for getting wet this time. 

I ran my hand over his strong back as he got under the water. I understood the deal — I was his entertainment for the evening — so I made sure to make it interesting for him. “Do you want soap?” I offered. 

“Sure,” he said. I handed him the bottle, but not before squirting some into my hand and soaping up the smooth skin on my ass. He didn’t get the hint — he was shy. Aw. “Could you help me wash this?” I asked. Just in case it wasn’t obvious what I was asking for, I jiggled my butt for him. At last he got the message and ran his hands over it again and again. 

It was only fair if I helped him out, too, so I slowly soaped his cock up and took his balls in my mouth, tantalizing him until I put my lips around his cock. He was paying me triple, so it was the least I could do. I came up to gasp for air, then got back to it, bobbing my head up and down and then licking the sides. “Ah,” he let out a satisfied sigh, letting me know my work didn’t go unappreciated. 

I wasn’t about to give him everything he wanted right away, though. Instead, I teased him, grinding my ass against his cock, and he took the invitation to soap it up again. No such thing as too clean! 

Since he seemed to like my butt so much, I decided I’d give him a better view of it. “I think it’s time I earned three times my pay,” I said as I positioned myself against the shower wall, sticking my ass out so that my pussy was visible, inviting him in.  

“Slow, slow,” I said. He was so big, I was afraid he’d hurt me. But instead, he teased me, entering me so slowly I was aching for more. My mouth spread wide open in awe as he filled me to the brim. I started rubbing my clit with my hand and turned around to kiss him. 

While it seemed hot at the time, this position was proving difficult to maintain, and I didn’t want to slip again. So, I faced away from him, got a firmer grip on the shower wall, and thrust my ass back and forth against him. In response, he took control and grabbed my hips as he pounded harder and faster. I didn’t want to let on how much I was enjoying myself, but I couldn’t help but let out a whimper of pleasure. 


I noticed a little ledge on the side of the shower, which was giving me ideas. I climbed up on it and bent my knees to bounce up and down his cock. “Yes, yes, yes,” I yelled as I rubbed my clit some more. I turned to the side so I could see his cock thrust in and out of my delicate little lips. But he could see by now that I was anything but delicate. “Use that dick and make me fucking cum,” I ordered. He took my request seriously, plunging even further into me. My mouth gaped open and I screamed as I came for him. 

I wanted to repay that cock for what it had just done for me, so I got on my knees and deep-throated it, letting him guide me with his hand on my head. I’m giving him shower head, I thought to myself. Har har. Before I could stop laughing at my little joke, he lifted me up against the wall and started giving me some shower head too. He licked my pussy until his arms couldn’t hold me up anymore, then I straddled his cock and bounced on it, my screams of delight echoing through the shower chamber. Our moans blended into a symphony as I continued riding him. 


When he motioned to turn off the shower, I decided to have some fun. I took the shower head off its handle and squirted water everywhere. So much for a clean bathroom. He didn’t care. He just turned the water off, pushed me against the door, and fucked me some more. “Keep going with that,” I encouraged him. “Keep fucking me.” He thrust harder and harder as I rubbed my clit. “Keep going, baby, keep going,”I told him. But he had other plans. 

He lay down on the shower floor, and I rode him in reverse cowgirl. My legs shook as he caressed higher and higher places in me, places the guys I usually hooked up with hadn’t reached. I knew he could meet my needs like no one else could. I leaned back so he could get at just the right angle. “Would you please rub my pussy?” I asked. 

He reached his hand around and put it on my clit, leading me to squeal in delight. “Oh, my God,” I yelled as he thrust more quickly and wildly. Slowly, I lowered myself up and down on him, never wanting this cock to leave my body...unless that meant having his cum in my mouth. “Get ready to cum for me,” I ordered him. He pushed me back against the wall and pounded into me harder, more aggressively. “Fuck me good,” I said. “Keep going, keep going! Don’t stop!” And he didn’t. He grabbed my ass and fucked me harder and harder. “Oh, fuck yes,” I repeated.

“Oh yeah, get down on your knees,” he finally replied. I hungrily obliged, and just as I’d hoped, he gave his cock a few final rubs and shot all his cum into my mouth. I sat there on me knees, looking up into his eyes, as each drop hit my tongue. 

Then, it abruptly ended just as it had started. Before his cock had even had the chance to go soft or I had the chance to wipe his cum off my mouth, he exited the shower. And as he left, he called over his shoulder, “Don’t forget to clean up.”


“Don’t forget to clean up.”