An NSFW Guide to Making Love to a Witch


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Check out this article by Sarah Anne Lawless discussing sex and witchcraft. 


We’ve all heard of sex magic, especially when related to Tantra, but what about sex magic in Witchcraft? The Great Rite within Wicca is well known, but seldom practiced today except symbolically with athame and chalice. However its origins are quite ancient and can be found in the heiros gamos, the sacred marriage of a god and goddess within the Ancient Greek and Egyptian religions of which an initiated priest and priestess of the old gods would re-enact for elaborate ceremonies during certain festivals.

Our animistic ancestors believed that the earth was a fertile woman and the sky god her lover. When it rained, it was the god’s semen fertilizing the earth goddess. Worship of the phallus is found the world over, as is worship of the Sacred Whore.



Sex magic has multiple uses within Witchcraft. It can be used as an offering for deity worship, for acting out the mysteries of the gods, to attain knowledge/ awareness /inspiration, to be initiated into a tradition or mystery, to raise energy for workings, to empower sexual fluids for magical uses, to conceive, to act as Sacred Whore, to empower a working or sigil, for healing, or for flying… I’m sure there are many more out there.



So here’s the dirty part, if you can’t handle graphic imagery and naughty words – suck it up and read it anyway! You’re a witch and sometimes we need to get dirty. As this article is solely about magical sex, I’ll be saving the magical uses of bodily fluids for another piece.


1. Evoke a god and goddess or deities, who are the same sexes as the lovers, into the partners during ritual and have sex during ritual essentially while possessed to reenact the sacred mystery and to empower a rite.

2. From folk magic – have sex outdoors on the ground to bless the earth to encourage its continued fertility. This was once practiced by farmers to ensure healthy crops at the spring festivals. So in modern times you could drag your lover outside for a wild romp in the garden or in the woods as an offering to the genius loci.

3.  During an outdoor rite, have sex standing up against an old sacred tree so the energy you and your lover build up is sent forth up the trunk of the tree at the point of climax – to the otherworld, to the gods – either as offering or to blast out the power or your spell or working through orgasm and use of the tree as a conductor.

4. Have sex during a traditional witchcraft outdoor rite with the stang driven into the earth of the centre of the compass, using the stang to draw up energy from the earth or draw down power from the otherworld to empower and send forth your spell/working with the gathered energy at the point of climax.

5. For flying – use a flying ointment for magical masturbation or sex, but make sure it’s safe to use on your naughty bits as some of the traditional herbs can cause irritation and rashes — especially avoid putting datura, henbane and belladonna down there — mandrake (mandragora officinarum) is okay. One method, which works with both straight and male gay couples, would be to rub one partner’s cock with the flying ointment and then have sex during a rite, so you both may fly. If you’re a lesbian couple, there are always fingers and dildos.


6. Have sex in an outdoor location with land, sea and sky all present to invoke a deity, or to raise energy for a rite or working.

7. For initiation – to be given the initiation at the point of orgasm; secret wisdom or knowledge passed on during climax from the initiator to the initiate. This can be done in the privacy of indoors or outdoors during a rite – best in a place with land, sea and sky or where two rivers meet. Or at a crossroads to be initiated by the goat-horned black man himself.

8. For Rune and Sigil Magic – after having sex during ritual to empower the sexual fluids, they can be applied to runestaves and sigils to give “life” to the charm and empower/activate it. A man can masturbate and cum on the sigil or runestave to the same end, or the symbols can be drawn on the bodies of the lovers during ritual, so their orgasm empowers the symbols and the spell is released.


Want more sex magic? Don't miss Freaky Friday. Purchase Access Pass. 

Want more sex magic? Don't miss Freaky Friday. Purchase Access Pass.