Favorite Sex Positions From Across the Globe


World Sex Day has got to be one of the best of these “days” (usually made up by a p.r. person to sell a product) that I see on social media.

Surely better than the likes of “sandwich day” — although munching a piping hot bacon sandwich after a bit of bonking’s quite a treat.

But back to some international sex. What better way to celebrate than to take a peek into the bedrooms of other countries? Especially as most couples settle into one or two tried-and-tested positions … anyone else yawning?

The Galloping Horse

Evidently the pole position for the Polish, it’s red hot. He sits in a chair, and nudges his bottom a bit forward. She straddles him and away they go.

This is the perfect position for a “breast man” as hers bounce along for the ride.

And it’s versatile.

She can get up, turn around and “back” onto him, giving different thrills. Either way, you’ll get a great gallop.

The Amazon

The Brazilians brace themselves for this position!

She needs to have strength, especially in her legs.

He lies down on the bed and brings his knees up to his chest. She then squats onto his shaft.

If she’s strong, it’s perfect for her to control the speed and vigor of thrusting.

Go on, girls, get strengthening those thighs and try the adventurous Amazon.

The Elephant

Crikey, this hints at something on the large size.

But this sensual position gets an A-plus with the Australians.

She lies on her stomach with a pillow slipped below her hips.

This raises them slightly, making penetration easier, as he comes in from behind.

It’s perfect for a slow burn, with faster action toward the end.

If she needs lots of clitoral stimulation, either he can slip his hand underneath her hips to gently massage her clitoral zone, or she can.

The Lotus

This position sets the Spanish sizzling.

It slightly resembles the Galloping Horse, but this time he sits flat on a bed and she saddles up!

As she sits on his lap and wraps her legs around his waist — because they’re on a bed — she can get a good grip around his back.

On the other hand, the Galloping Horse is done in a chair, with him nudged forward. She can’t wrap her legs around him, instead she straddles him.

The Lotus means super-intimate contact, with his face nuzzling her breasts. And his hands can squeeze and caress her bottom.


Easy Over

The Japanese get juicy with this position that requires her to be flexible.

She lies on her back and he then helps her raise her legs to bend them back toward/over her shoulders.

He kneels between her legs for exciting thrusting because this position naturally tightens up her vaginal muscles. He controls the action because she has to stay put.

Classic Missionary

Who would’ve thought that couples sizzle Stateside with this classic position?

For anyone not in the know, she lies on her back and he slips between her legs.

But never underestimate how you can spice up the Missionary!

She can slip a crafty vibrator between their hips to gently add extra stimulation. He can reach around and grab her bottom and hold her tightly.

He should gently apply pressure on her “cheeks,” squeezing and releasing his hands in time to his thrusting.

I hope you’ve paid attention to your lesson in “international relations” for the day.

(This article originally appeared on nypost.com and was written by Dr. Pam Spurr) 

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