This Scientist Says Not Having Sex Will Let You Live Forever

Right, so this guy Professor Alex Zhavoronkov has just written a book called The Ageless Generation, which claims that your sex life is preventing you from living until you’re 150 years old.

Zhavoronkov says sex is one of many “energy-sapping distractions”, a list of which also includes having children and getting married, that he believes contribute to an early demise. “I have sex occasionally, but not on a permanent basis and usually with fellow scientists,” says Zhavoronkov, who may be a lonely, lonely man. “When you’re planning on living 150 years marriage is a big decision. You’re in for the long term!” he continues. Lol.

He then goes full sci-fi movie “Living to over 150 isn’t unrealistic. I’m not planning on dying at all. You only need to have lived through the past 30 years to realize anything is possible,” he concludes.

Well there you have it, then. Have no sex. Live forever.