Teenagers are Smoking, Drinking and Having Less Sex Than Ever Before

Today, in sweeping judgements about entire demographics, the US government has revealed that the country’s teenagers are drinking less, having less sex and using fewer illicit drugs than ever before. According to Vox they even fight and watch TV less.

In 1991, 54.1% of teens asked claimed to have lost their virginity. By last year (when the data for this report was collected) that number had reduced to 41.2%. Great news is attached to this revelation though – the number of teenagers using protection when having sex has risen by 15%.

Drug use has also declined dramatically with less than 10% of teens admitting to using cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, meth or any hallucinogenic drugs. Just under 40% of teens admitted to ever having used marijuana. 45% said they had vaped at some point in their lives.

So the news from this latest report seems pretty positive – young people are apparently better than ever at avoiding stuff that’s bad for them. However, the news also comes accompanied by the statistic that 41% of American teenagers use a computer for more than three hours a day (for activities outside of school or work). Bad news?