Bank Robbers Wrap Up Head-To-Toe In Aluminum Foil For Heist

Bank robbers in southern Brazil donned a highly unusual disguise for a heist. The duo covered themselves from head to toe in aluminum foil for the early Saturday morning raid on the Banco do Brasil branch in Praia Grande. Police said the two believed their improvised outfits would beat the bank’s alarm system and stop it from sounding.

The robbers covered themselves in aluminum foil in a bid to beat the bank’s alarm system. “They wanted to make sure the alarms didn’t detect their presence by using the aluminum foil,” a spokesman for the Santa Catarina state’s military police told Brazilian national newspaper O Globo.

Astonishingly, the robbers’ plan appeared to work. But, as their cloaks didn’t allow Harry Potter-style invisibility, the hapless pair was still captured by the bank’s surveillance cameras. 

Security staff working at Banco do Brasil’s regional HQ in Florianopolis alerted police, and an armed response unit arrived on the scene. The duo fled empty-handed, leaving behind blowtorches and other implements they were using to try to break into a safe. On Sunday morning, they remained on the lam, the Daily Mirror reported. A third man has reportedly been arrested, accused of being the pair’s lookout.