PornHub Will Crowdfund Adult Movie Filmed in Space

A well-known adult entertainment website is attempting to 'come' where no man or woman has gone before. The website has put out an announcement on a crowdfunding site that it needs roughly $3 .5 million dollars to fund the world's very first mature content movie filmed off planet.

Should the crowdfunding attempt succeed, two adult stars will board a commercial spaceflight and attempt to make history by getting down in zero gravity. 

The vice president of the website told the media that filming "Sexplorations," is about more than just sensual gratification, calling it a "grand experiment in learning how intercourse works after penetrating the Earth's atmosphere."

The crowdfunding attempt will end after 60 days and unfortunately for those who are hoping to enjoy some out-of-this-world entertainment, so far less than $1,500 has been pledged.