This Weed-Infused Beer Will Get You High AND Drunk (With Bonus Recipe!)

There’s a cold war between beer brewers and bud growers. You’ve probably read those tireless, endless debates on which product is more dangerous: marijuana or alcohol (think of the kids!).

It’s an undeniable fact that both beer and weed bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. But what if somebody was crazy enough to combine the two heavenly vices? That’s exactly what Reddit user Norville-Rogers did, posting a photo of home-brewed marijuana imperial IPA to where else but Reddit’s dedicated Trees community.

The real question we’re all wondering, though—does it actually get you high?

“My first attempt at a marijuana infused home brew. I started with a hop heavy Imperial IPA recipe, then tweaked it to have an extra punch of THC. I started by dry hopping with a quarter ounce of decarbed bud. at bottling I added a tincture containing a half ounce of bud and 7 grams of hash oil. The end result was a deep amber colored, delicious, fully bodied IPA coming in around 10.5% with a serious edible style high.” (Reddit user Norville-Rogers)

Notice the 10.5 percent alcohol content? That’s pretty damn high. Normally a similar sized beer bottle has around three to six percent alcohol content.

Members of the Reddit Trees community unsurprisingly expressed their excitement for this Frankenstein creation:

The real question we’re all wondering, though—does it actually get you high?

Norville-Rogers tells Upvoted:

“The high is essentially the same as most edibles, its a very strong body high but also has a fairly powerful cognitive effect. It takes a significant amount of time to kick in usually in realm of one and a half to two hours…. I have yet to drink more than one in a sitting, and that has proven to be more than sufficient for a serious buzz.”

As for whether or not it tastes good, well…:

“As for flavor it is on the thick/heavy side of IPAs with a very sweet fully bodied hoppy flavor that finishes with the distinct taste of marijuana. The color is a beautiful dark amber.“

And sorry, guys: This beautiful drink is not for sale (because of that pesky thing called the law).

Norville-Rogers wasn’t the first person to make weed-infused beer. Colorado brewery Dad & Dudes Breweria experimented with a similar formula a few months ago by infusing beer with cannabidiol oil—unfortunately, their beers won’t get you high.

Still, naming their beers Sativa IPA and Indica Double IPA is a pretty bold move—considering simply referencing weed will get you shut down by those darn feds.

A Michigan brewing company amusingly named a line of beers Smells Like Weed IPA until they were forced to change the name. It’s now called Smells Like A Safety Meeting IPA. Seriously.

You may be wondering why IPA is the beer of choice here. Hops, the dominant flavor of IPA, pairs wells with pot.

Craft Brewing Business explains:

“Hops and cannabis both hail from the same genus, Cannabaceae. As cousins, the two plants tend to produce delicious ‘buds’ with a very similar, dank, aroma.”

And Reddit user brad1775 allegedly made his own batch of weed-infused IPA earlier this year, sharing his recipe in the Reddit Colorado beer community.

He describes the taste and high of his brew:

“It tastes good!

“Each 12oz beer is like eating the equivalent of a strong brownie. But you might wanna only drink them on the weekends, as the effect lasts 12hrs.

“You’d get the same high as you would eating an edible (like a pot brownie), since both beer and food go through your intestines. Smoking your weed is so 2000-and-late.”

Of course, in case you want to make your own weed beer, Norville-Rogers shared his recipe with Upvoted.

“I was shooting in the dark with this recipe because I really had nothing to base it on.

  • Mine included an eighth of fresh ground bud soaked in potassium bicarbonate (kills any fungi, yeast, and bacteria) used for flavoring at dry hopping.
  • Then at bottling a everclear tincture was added comprised of a half ounce of bud and 7 grams of hash oil.
  • I have had testers tell me that the high from this was almost too intense so it could stand to be reduced.
  • If I had to put a quantity on it I would say based on how strong you want the beer to be you would use in the realm of 1 to 3 oz of bud for a batch of 40-50 bottles”

Or you can check out this video here. (Click at your own risk—you might end up on some lists!)