Top 15 Virtual Reality Experiences To Try When You’re High

What’s your idea of a perfect pot pairing? Is it watching a great film? Or perhaps, playing a game or two of Fortnite? (Sorry, had to go there). Or is it just listening to your favorite album? Well, it’s 2018— have you considered virtual reality? While one might think VR experiences are pricey, or part of some exclusive secret society, it’s actually becoming more and more of a societal norm. PlayStation has one, X Box is getting one and there’s plenty of other platforms to choose from, too. But which ones are ideal for a smoke sesh? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Take a look at the top 15 virtual reality experiences to try when you’re high.

15. Vacation Simulator

vacation simulator.jpg

Who doesn’t like to get stoned on vacation?

With Vacation Simulator, you can toke up and relax at your favorite resort– in the comfort of your own home.

Sure, you’d rather be sitting at an actual vacation hot-spot, but this is the next best thing. Especially if you’re too baked to know the difference.


14. Farpoint

Farpoint is like a combination of Halo, Star Wars and Overwatch packed into one all-too-realistic virtual reality experience.

Available on the PlayStation VR, Farpoint remains one of the system’s most popular first-person shooters.

It’s not the smoothest game available, but it’s futuristic graphics and easy-to-use gameplay make it a must-have for any science fiction loving stoner.


13. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil.jpg

For those that enjoy getting stoned and getting a little spooked, you’re going to have to try the VR version of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Truly one of the scariest VR experiences out there, RE 7 is the perfect compliment to a smoke sesh. The only problem is, you’re still going to have to use a controller for this game, making it somewhat less reality-based.

Still, that could be a good thing, considering how freaking scary this game is.


12.Batman: Arkham VR

If you’re telling us you never dreamed of being Batman at least once, then we’re going to have to say you’re lying.

If you thought getting stoned and watching The Dark Knight was cool, then you’re going to absolutely love this VR experience.

This game blends the dark elements of Gotham right into your own home, and fighting Batman’s gallery of rogues in what appears to be real life is nothing short of awesome.


11. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

The Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR experience feels like an episode straight out of Black Mirror, and it’s also perfect for lifelong Trekkies sick of watching the same Star Trek episodes and movies over and over again.

You’re able to take on the role of either a captain, weapons specialist, steering navigator, or engineer.

A couple hits of the grav-bong is a must before playing this game.


10. ADR1FT


ADR1FT is the closest thing you’re going to get to an IRL version of the movie Gravity, so here’s your best chance of getting your Sandra Bullock on.

This game’s primary objective is to pretty much survive in the depths of space with little oxygen, so things could get a little crazy in this one.

It’s oculus rift exclusive, but the investment may be well worth it. Especially if you’re a big space conspiracy theorist.


9. Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

If you ever wanted to be a lightsaber-wielding master of the force, well, this is the closest you’re going to get.

This virtual-reality Star Wars experience will have you feeling like Luke Skywalker himself—especially when you face off against legendary baddie/ deadbeat dad Darth Vader.

If you’re sick of getting high and watching all the Star Wars successively, try becoming a part of the galaxy far, far away.


8. Shooting Showdown 2

Are you a fan of classic first-person shooter games? If so, then you’re going to love Shooting Showdown 2.

Available on the Samsung Gear VR, this game totally re-invents the classic first-person shooter game into a shockingly realistic and futuristic experience.

You can either play against computerized movie targets and robots or even pit yourself another human opponent.

This game is a much-needed experience for anyone that likes to toke up and play games like Halo, Gears of War or Call of Duty.


7. The Climb

Hiking fans rejoice, as you can go on some of the most ultimate excursions from the comfort of your own home.

With beautiful scenery and an exhilarating set of maps, this aesthetically-pleasing game will look even doper after a couple hits of your favorite sativa-dominant strain.


6.  Fantasynth

This is perhaps the most unique VR experience on the market today.

Fantasynth’s developers bill the game as a total “audio-reactive experience,” and if you’re a huge fan of the burgeoning synthwave music scene, then you’re definitely want to check this one out.


5. Everest VR

Climbing Mount Everest always seemed like a fun concept, but the actual physicality and practicality of it has always been in question.

Not anymore, with the Everest VR.

While you obviously can’t experience the freezing cold weather and the blizzard conditions of the real thing, that’s nothing a little bit of weed can’t fix.


4. Netflix VR

With the proper VR headsets, you can now ‘Netflix & Chill’ in a totally new and comprehensive world.

The Netflix VR app is actually free too, so other than getting VR goggles, you’re not going to have to break the bank.

It’s like an IMAX viewing experience, but at your very own home.

Toking up and hitting the Netflix VR could just be the perfect way to wind down after a long week of work.


3. Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality

There’s not really a better show out there for stoners than Rick & Morty, the show that fuses clever science fiction, hilarity and just downright weirdness.

It’s one of the best shows to watch when you’re high, so naturally, a VR version of the Adult Swim show surely won’t disappoint.

The simulator is basically an extension of the show, with all the same characters, plus a few new wacky adventures.

You’ll literally feel like you’re in an episode of Rick & Morty when you’re playing this stoned.


2.BBC’s Home: A VR Spacewalk

Space is undoubtedly one of the most awe-inspiring wonders our planet has to offer, and there’s nothing quite like getting high and watching a space documentary or feature film.

Well, that was until this game came out.

It’s inspired by NASA’s own training simulations, so here’s your chance to get to be a real astronaut—without, like, having to study rocket science. This is, without a doubt, one of the best virtual reality experiences to try when you’re high.

One small step for man, another giant leap for tokers everywhere.


1. Imax VR

Who wouldn’t want to have an Imax experience in the comfort of their own home? Except, this is arguably better than going to the theatre.

The Imax VR experience is fully immersive and can put you into the realm of any of your favorite movie franchises like Star Wars, John Wick or even Paranormal Activity, amongst others.

Definitely a must-have for any movie buffs that also like to toke up.

Final Hit: Top 15 Virtual Reality Experiences To Try When You’re High

So there you have it, 15 of the dopest virtual reality experiences to try when you’re high. Obviously, some of this stuff is a good time with or without pot.

But then again, everything is better when you’re a little zooted.

And to experience a whole new virtual world certainly falls into that category. Just make sure you’re not too high, or you might not even realize you’re in a different reality.

Just kidding. But also not really.

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