Status (Yearly)

Status (Yearly)

from 1,169.00 every 12 months


We offer four types of Status memberships; single female, single male, single agender and couples. With a single female, male or agender membership you will receive a complimentary pass to NSFW Clubhouse events. Additional passes (up to 4) can be purchased at 50% off. With a couples membership you will receive two complimentary passes to NSFW Clubhouse Events. Additional passes (up to 8) can be purchased at 50% off.


Approvals may take upwards of two weeks. Your first year of membership begins once you are approved. Your membership will be automatically renewed yearly. You can cancel your membership at any time. Failure to comply to the NSFW Code of Conduct may result in immediate termination of membership.


If we are unable to accommodate your membership, you will receive and email notifying you of this decision with a reminder to cancel your subscription. Any charges will be reimbursed and you will be added to our waitlist for consideration at a later time.