Join us for a night at the NSFW Clubhouse as we get ready for another naughty adventure! At "Impact Play" you'll get a beginners guide to mastering your BDSM arsenal taught by one of New York's hottest professional dominatrix. Covering flogs, paddles, whips and more, you'll leave this course with an appreciation for how to spank like a pro. Ideal for couples, but single guests are encouraged to come and meet others at the Clubhouse looking for a little consensual kink. 







OUR instructor

Goddess aviva diamond

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Meet the supreme Goddess Aviva: a NYC-based lifestyle and professional Dominatrix as well as BDSM teacher and mentor. Naturally dominant and mentally sharp, she has enjoyed BDSM for as long as she can remember. As Aviva grew into her feminine charms, she realized she had started bullying and manipulating others casually in her personal life for her amusement and satisfaction. Recognizing her kinky interests and natural talent for control, Aviva decided to train at a top NYC dungeon. With 3+ years of professional experience in the NYC fetish scene, Aviva has been mentored by some of New York's most revered Dominas, expanding her knowledge and skill set.





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