The New Society for Wellness is looking for new experiences, classes, workshops and members-only adventures to fill our weekly calendar. Please join our collective of celebrated instructors and help guide the sexual enlightenment of nearly 2,000 New York-based members.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for any events focused on sex and kink education, consent, intimacy, relationship advice and love. Host a reiki healing class, explore tantra basics, or create an advanced class on how to be a professional dominatrix. Suggest a new class or choose from existing educational programs. Workshops are hosted at the NSFW Clubhouse in the West Village.

What’s the workshop structure?

Your workshop should be designed for class sizes of 8-30. We have three spaces available for instructionals; The Theatre space ideal for speaking events, panels and larger classes, our Garden Space for groups of 20, and a Dungeon space for kink focused education. All classes should be a minimum of 45 minutes long with additional time allocated for members to practice what you’re teaching. Doors at the Clubhouse will open on days when classes are scheduled at 7PM. Classes begin at 8PM. The Clubhouse closes at 11:30.

How much should the workshops be?

We are suggest $39 per workshop, $69 for couples passes. If you’re hosting a more advanced workshop, you can increase the price per attendee. Non-members are invited to join workshops with a guest pass, but must be approved for attendance beforehand. Passes for non-members are higher than member passes.

What’s the compensation?

For classes with fewer than 15 attendees, we offer a 50/50 split on all access pass sales. For classes above 15 attendees, we offer a 60/40 split on all access pass sales. Minimum instructor payout is $125.

5 Passes at $50 per pass - Instructor Payout: $125

10 Passes at $50 per pass - Instructor Payout: $250

15 Passes at $50 per pass - Instructor Payout: $300

20 Passes at $50 per pass - Instructor Payout: $400

25 Passes at $50 per pass - Instructor Payout: $500

30 Passes at $50 per pass - Instructor Payout: $600

How is the workshop marketed?

Each instructor will be given a detailed profile on NSFW. Instructor and workshop will be promoted to NSFW’s membership and non-members through our newsletters, social media and paid marketing across targeted channels. We have over 1,800 members in NYC and are increasing by 100+ members per month ensuring a steady stream of new attendees.

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