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10PM - 4AM

The school year is almost over. You’ve got one last chance to not leave New Society High a virgin. Everyone gets lucky at Prom, right?

Prom Night will be an evening where the jocks, nerds, loners and popular kids come together for a night of playful abandon. This is one event we’ve been wanting to host for a while, giving all our members a chance to relive the most memorable night of our senior year. We’ll be getting hot for teacher with live performances inspired by our most formidable years.

Sexy dommes will put you in detention while we take the stage to announce prom kings and queens.

Expect some wild performances from the drama kids as we entertain all you wild and crazy students. Schools in session and Prom attire is required for this once a year fantasy play celebration.

Want to come but mommy and daddy are being stingy with allowance? Join our planning committee and commit 4-hours to making our Prom night come alive for complimentary passes. Contact for details.


- Dress Code -

High school archetypes highly encouraged. Be the jock, the cheerleader, the goth. Be a sexy teacher or gym coach. Go classic prom or keep it current. Dress in your prom best.


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Respect, hydrate and don’t be a creeper. We encourage the practice of enthusiastic consent at NSFW, so please seek a verbal confirmation before initiating touch with new partners.

We are LGBTQIA+ friendly. We aim to provide a safe, judgement free space for exploration and entrust all attendees and members to practice kindness when interacting with others. We implore that rejection is taken with grace. Please tidy up after play.  No cigarettes allowed in the house.  All exits are final. 

We have ZERO-TOLERANCE FOR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR. This includes non-consensual sexual contact, exhibiting harmful or hurtful behavior or speech, contributing to others feeling unsafe, and/or becoming overly intoxicated.

Members are always responsible for their guests. Failure of guests to uphold our Code of Conduct may result in membership cancellation. 

Please respect the privacy of all members. Please, NO CELL PHONES IN THE CLUBHOUSE. NSFW is a private community to meet other like minded people. Failure to respect a members desire for discretion may result in immediate termination of membership.


Access passes are non-refundable & non transferable. An Access Passes will be emailed to you 12 hours before your desired adventure with address. If you purchase passes day of the event, we'll send as soon as we see your confirmation. 

Please take a moment to add “” to your contact list so that your access pass doesn't go into a spam folder. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Earlier Event: July 27
Later Event: August 23
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