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Safeword. Dom/Sub Night

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Dom/Sub Night

Safeword. the Play

American Theatre of Actors

Thursday, June 27th


NSFW and Safeword the Play would like to invite you to use special code TREAT to treat your dom, sub, or self to special buy one get one tickets this Thursday, June 27th. Come enjoy the fearless submission from the creators of Afterglow exploring BDSM, kink, and the pieces of ourselves we keep most hidden. As valued members of the community, we wanted to treat you to this night of theatre.




We embody ideas inspired by love, freedom, exploring new states of happiness. We aim to create safe, inviting environments where playfulness is encouraged and free from judgement. NSFW is an LGBTQIA+ inclusive space.

PARTICIPATION IS NEVER REQUIRED and our space is designed to offer all levels of experience something to enjoy. Members are encouraged to practice ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT which means receiving a verbal confirmation before initiating any type of touch. If at anytime you feel like you are not being respected there are guardians on hand to help. 

We aim to create spaces that allow for real, respectful connections between members. Guests can dress to their level of comfort. DRESS CODE IS BLACK.

As a member of NSFW we are entrusting you with helping to contribute not only to an inviting atmosphere, but also to a place where guests can explore radical self-expression safely. 

We have ZERO-TOLERANCE FOR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR. This includes non-consensual sexual contact, exhibiting harmful or hurtful behavior or speech, contributing to others feeling unsafe, and/or becoming overly intoxicated.

Members are always responsible for their guests. Failure of guests to uphold our Code of Conduct may result in membership cancellation. 

Please respect the privacy of all members. Please, NO CELL PHONES IN THE CLUBHOUSE. NSFW is a private community to meet other like minded people. Failure to respect a members desire for discretion may result in immediate termination of membership.



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