Dominatrix BARBIE AND Pup-Play KEN


The New Society for Wellness is ecstatic that after months of planning, we can finally announce a major partnership with Mattel.  She's been a doctor, a fashion model, and an astronaut, but you've never seen Barbie® like this before!! 

Time to play like an adult. Introducing NSFW edition Dominatrix Barbie and her submissive Pup-Play Ken. She's in charge and guess who's been a really bad boy.  Fully-posable and ready for a memorable night in Barbie's Dream Dungeon (coming soon) these play things are available exclusively to members of NSFW.  Just don't forget the safe word. 

"When I think of Barbie, I think of a woman who can accomplish anything. She's in control of her sexual pleasure and knows how to keep her bitch in check." says NSFW founder Daniel Saynt.  

"Honestly, I was truly surprised when someone from Mattel contacted me on this. Actually, they had reached out for membership to our little club for the adventurous and offered the doll collaboration as an attempt to get in. I was like, yeah, sure, an NSFW Barbie, why the fuck not?" 

There are only a limited amount of these so grab them quick.

You can get the set including: kinky leather outfits, whip, dog collar, handcuffs, pup mask, and more! Barbie and Ken cum together in a matte box which includes a dungeon backdrop. 

Huge thanks to Mattel for being so open-minded and helping spread the word that what the world needs now are a few more women in charge.