House of Yes

2 Wyckoff Avenue


8PM - 2AM

Witches, priests, pharaohs, elders, nuns, monks and rabbis will fill the halls of House of Yes, tearing down the walls which push many apart for a night in which religion truly brings us closer together.

All Saynts Day is yearly sacrilegious celebration which gives everyone carte blanche to misbehave without fear of eternal damnation.

At this costume or fetish-required event where you will be treated to experiences that will elevate your spirits through sound and visual stimulation.

For this night, we want to see you in your Sunday best. Find inspiration in old gods and new, tap into ancient mythologies and modern faiths, Judaism to Jedi, angels and demons, witches and priests. Embrace your inner sinner or tell the world that's you're really a Saynt.



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I was raised Jehovah Witness, which means NO holidays and definitely NO birthdays. Growing up I remember being unable to eat the cupcakes my friends would bring into class for their birthdays for fear God would judge me. For years, I remember feeling trapped in a religion that encouraged dividing people, rather than bringing them together.

When I finally celebrated, I figured I had some years to make up for and All Saynts Day was born.

The idea is simple. Rather than having religion break us apart, why not have it help us come together; literally and figuratively.

Our largest event of the year, All Saynts Day is a major fundraising effort we launched to help support Consent Con (April). Consent Con is a free event for members and leaders in the sexual wellness movement. The convention style event features keynotes, panel discussions and practical applications that will help create better allies and foster consent culture. Please show your support for this important initiative by attending.


Always Conspiring,

Chief Conspirator



Dress Code

Find inspiration in old gods and new. Tap into ancient mythologies and modern faiths. Judaism to Jedi, angels and demons, witches and priests. Embrace your inner sinner or tell the world that you're really a saint.

- Costumes are required for All Saynts Day - 





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