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A Private Club for the Adventurous


NSFW hosts member-only adventures providing access to expert-led workshops, private chef-prepared dinners, getaway trips, and VIP parties hosted at our secret Williamsburg Clubhouse. Please take time to answer all profile questions. If you don't provide a clear photo and a means to identify you through a social link your request for access will be denied. The Council reviews applicants and chooses based on factors including age, social circle, influence and desire to raise a little hell.


 Approval may take upwards of six months.






Legal Adventures in Sex, Drugs and Mischief

Instructor-led classes for a better sex-life, our cannabis-infused dinners and PlayDate, NYC's most exclusive play party.




Press Love






Meet Our Masters of Mischief

NSFW attracts renowned educators in the science of seduction. Explore new kinks at our weekly workshops.






The Art of Attraction

Provocative creatives who host exclusive events and showings at our members-only Clubhouse.






The Sound of a Good Time

NSFW curates internationally recognized DJs producing deep house mixes designed to get down.







Chef Crafted Delights

Access cannabis-infused dinners by New York's top chefs and speakeasy style experiences at our Clubhouse.






Naughty Perks

We partner with sexual wellness and cannabis to provide members with exclusive giveaways and discounts.






What to Expect at NSFW

We believe being loving, sexy and fun is more important than your gender identity or sexual orientation.  Everyone at NSFW is treated equally.
We have zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior. This includes non-consensual sexual contact, exhibiting harmful or hurtful behavior, contributing to others feeling unsafe, or becoming overly intoxicated. Members are always responsible for their guests. Failure of guests to uphold our Code of Conduct may result in membership cancellation.
Membership to NSFW is highly controlled so that we can curate the most exciting crowd for our members. New members are often referred by existing members to be approved by The Council.  
You must be 21+ to become a member.
Please respect the privacy of all members. NSFW is a private community to meet other like minded people. Failure to respect a members desire for discretion will result in immediate termination of membership.
We encourage all members to practice Enthusiastic Consent which means receiving a verbal confirmation before initiating any type of touch. This requires changing "no means no" to "yes means yes".
Event tickets are limited. Once an event is sold out no other tickets will be issued. We encourage you to reserve your spot early.
When you reserve a spot, we expect you to attend. If you do not, you'll receive less priority confirmation for future events. There are no reimbursements on access passes as your reservation means another member could not attend. 
You must receive an Access Pass to attend any NSFW event.
NSFW hosts member-only events for groups of 20 - 300, a celebration which combines deep house, sensual workshops led by our masters of sex, private cannabis-infused dinners catered by top chefs, gallery showcases of renowned erotic artists and photographers, trips and getaways hosted for a curation of the city’s most influential, adventurous, engaging, attractive and creative millennials.
Hosted at our private 4-story townhouse in Brooklyn and at partner venues throughout the city, members experience catered bites prepared by our resident chef, multiple adorned spaces and rooms for exploration, full-service BYOB bar and crafted cocktails and conversation starting experiences to help you connect to some new “friends with benefits”. We curate internationally recognized DJs and underground discoveries to craft sexy playlists to keep our parties grooving.
NSFW is as much a private club as it is an experiment designed to challenge the norm. We embodying ideas inspired by love, freedom, new states of happiness and self-awareness. We aim to create safe, inviting environments where playfulness is encouraged and free from judgement.
We’ve designed NSFW to be inviting. Members who attend feel at home. We don’t throw “sex parties”, we throw "sexy parties”.  Participation is never required and our spaces are designed to offer all levels of experience something to enjoy. We aim to create spaces that allow for real, respectful connections between members. Guests can dress to their level of comfort, but the dress code is always black.
As a member of NSFW we are entrusting you with helping to contribute not only to an inviting atmosphere, but also to a place where guests can explore radical self-expression safety. We try to maintain an inclusive vibe at our events and look to our members to support a similar ideal, seeing those around them at events as potential partners in crime.